Our business policy, in line with available resources and constant development, is based on the following principles:



Meeting the requirements and needs of our clients, employees and the company as a whole, taking into account the company's profitability.


Reliability, quality and efficiency of the company are the qualities that Solektra d. o. o. strives for in all areas of its activity.
Man worker in the firld by the solar panels

Integrated quality management system

Solektra d. o. o. respects the principles of quality, sustainable development, environmental protection and safety, and other principles related to the continuous improvement of all segments of quality, environmental protection and safety at work.

Our history

From the first power plant with two-axis solar tracking to more than 300 solar power plants put into operation

The beginning


At the very beginning of our operation, we successfully realized a project of building a 30 kW solar power plant with two-axis tracking of the Sun, the very first power plant of the kind in Croatia.



The project of building its own solar power plant in Križopotje served as an excellent reference for interested investors. As a result, since 2011 we have been continuously recording a steady growth in the number of interested investors, and thus in the realization of solar power plant construction projects.

Solektra projekt d. o. o.


For more intensive work on the design of solar power plants in 2012, we founded the company Solektra projekt, which today has a dozen employees.

Office space


The increased number of employees also required the arrangement of a new office space in Čakovec at 9, Trg Eugena Kvaternika.

Logistics center


The new logistics center in Križopotje, built in 2014, has facilitated our business operations and the construction of solar power plants.

Employees at a social employee gathering by the river Mrežnica


Our staff showed excellent skill fighting the rapids of the restless Mrežnica.

Solektra today – a leader in the photovoltaic industry


With successful business as a privileged producer, we have put into operation 9 of our own power plants with a total capacity of over 500 kW. The dedicated work and perseverance of our 29 employees has been recognized by numerous clients with awareness of the economic and energy efficiency of investing in solar power plants.